Every one of us has evolved from our ancestors. With time, the traditions and the culture of our ancestors seem to disappear. However, there are big reasons behind the use of such traditions by our ancestors. Protecting the culture and taking forward the traditions are very important for the future generations. In a world where everything depends on modern technology, participating in a cultural event will be nice and will bring a different kind of an experience to your life. Sticking to the culture will make us have the religious believes and the love for nature like emily kngwarreye which has helped humans in their journey from then to now. You should not let go of these valuable traditions and you should never forget your mother tongue.

Know the traditions and get involved

If you have no idea about what’s going on in the traditional events at home, talk to your parents or grandparents and get to know the meaning and the purpose these traditions. Getting to know the purpose of these traditions and the uses that it has for human kind will make you get involved. You should be proud of your culture and pass along the knowledge to your children as well. Before you start teaching your kids a foreign language, it is important that your children know how to speak the native language.

Let the world know about your tradition

Whenever you’re having a traditional event, take photos and upload them into your social media pages and let the world know why, how and when the traditions are held. When more people get to know about your culture and traditions, they will be interested in finding out more about it. If you’re good with your words, you can use your talent to spread the word about your culture and traditions which are fading away. You can write and publish a book or you can publish an article in the internet written by you. You can also sell arts of your indigenous people. The unique styles and patterns will surely attract customers and will bring you a good income. For example: people who are interested in the Australian culture and traditions, will surely buy australian indigenous art. This will bring you a decent amount of money but mostly it will spread awareness about the tribes of your country.

Organize events

You can organize big events staring the fun traditional games. It will be unique and will attract a lot of people. Dress in traditional clothes and make the visitors dress them too. Include traditional meals and drinks in your party and don’t forget to have traditional dancers and music.

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